Gold, Silver, Euros, and Yuan are now available on Haven!

We are proud to announce that today’s xAsset hard fork is complete and working well!

About xAssets

As a reminder, the new assets (referred to as xAssets) launched today are private, synthetic representations of real-world assets, traditional currencies, and other financial instruments. When used within the Haven Vault, xAssets will always maintain their intended value due to Haven’s “mint and burn” protocol and the use of decentralized pricing oracles.

Below are some key details about today’s launch:

  • These new xAssets can be minted in your Haven Vault via xUSD.

When the early internet was blossoming, a group of courageous and bold thinkers saw a future of interconnected people and possibilities. But they also saw a totalitarian threat was looming. They recognized the digital age could either bring freedom for the people or ultimate power for the establishment. These Cypherpunks began a movement which has brought you all here today, has provided hope to millions, and gives us a chance to wrestle back control from a sclerotic establishment that will do everything it can to keep us under control.

Haven Protocol is a Cypherpunk manifestation that builds upon the Bitcoin…

Haven — the world’s first ecosystem of private stable assets — is now trading live on Polarity Exchange!

The XHV/USD trading pair can be found here.

Polarity is the first decentralized exchange to support Haven. Polarity offers exceptional wallet security, low fees and no KYC. Trading fees are flat and fixed at $0.01, and the exchange offers consistent liquidity, 2FA multisig, personal seed management and encryption, and more.

For more information, check out our announcement about the Polarity listing here.

Rewards Promotion

To celebrate the listing, Polarity will offer a small XHV reward to the first 500 users who make…

It has been another incredibly busy month for the Haven team. We have lots to report on:

Hard fork and Protocol upgrade to ‘Artemis’ 1.2.0

Following on from a successful testnet we have now carried out a hard fork to launch Haven ‘Artemis’ 1.2.0. This brings many upgrades to the codebase including an update to Monero v0.16. It allows us to lay the foundations for having multi-assets on the network as well as starting integration work on ThorChain cross-chain liquidity. It improves daemon and tx processing performance as well as letting us re-release the Web Vault with xUSD conversion functionality.


We are in the process of greatly expanding…

The Haven team is proud to announce a new listing with KuCoin! The XHV/USDT trading pair on will go live on December 16, 2020.

Launch schedule:

12:00 UTC+8 (04:00 UTC) on Dec 16 — KuCoin will open deposits

18:00 UTC+8 (10:00 UTC) on Dec 16 — Trading will start on

22:00 UTC+8 (14:00) on Dec 16 — Withdrawals will be available

KuCoin is a global exchange, registered in the Seychelles since 2017. …

Haven has now exceeded block height 741,957 and the Monero v0.16 fork ‘Artemis’ has been successfully deployed on mainnet!

The Artemis release lays the foundations for all of Haven’s future development, including integration with Thorchain and the addition of xGOLD, xSILVER, xEUR and xCNY early in 2021.

Many thanks to those in the community who took the time to support the team with testing.

Important Information:

v0.14 binaries are not compatible with v0.16 code. Please download the latest CLI binaries from here:


SHA: 9ff4f3c6cdf5b5805f3c67c7de8eb7fd4bb6b68b


SHA: 3535cd36df375473e4aafb05b2cf4be851a2b1cc


SHA: c4a5869ba8ed75446d77d9168c42a59f998322c2

Web Vault

We are pleased to…

After successful testing of the new code, we are pleased to announce Haven’s mainnet will upgrade to Monero v0.16 by conducting a hard fork at block height 741,957 or approximately 14:30 GMT on December 8, 2020.

This date has been selected to give pool operators and exchanges two weeks to prepare for a smooth transition. This release will be known as Haven ‘Artemis’ v1.2.0. You can find the source code on GitHub here.

This exciting step for the Haven team and community moves the protocol forward on multiple fronts:

Artemis enables the new Haven Web Vault

An updated version of the Haven Web Vault will go live…

Haven Protocol will be conducting a hard fork on December 8, 2020 to implement a number of major upgrades.

The hard fork will upgrade Haven’s codebase to Monero v0.16, allowing for faster daemon performance and improved transaction verification.

These upgrades will also allow for the re-launch of the Haven Web Vault with complete functionality for xUSD conversions and transactions. An updated Haven Desktop Vault will also be released shortly after the fork is complete.

Regarding Haven’s fees: after extensive testing and community feedback, we’ve identified opportunities to further improve the Haven 2.0 fee structure announced in September. The hard fork…

As always it’s been another busy month building Haven’s ecosystem of private assets. Here’s a brief overview of what’s been going on:

v0.16 Codebase Testnet

As part of the preparations to upgrade the Haven codebase to Monero v0.16 we have conducted multiple testnets. These have provided valuable data and feedback to the devs to ensure a smooth fork and subsequent running of the network.

Among other items we have tested the following:

  • Load testing for bottleneck analysis

We’re pleased to announce that Haven has partnered with Band Protocol to integrate an additional decentralized oracle price feed into the Haven network.

Band Protocol will initially provide a USD price feed for XHV to allow for in-Vault conversions to xUSD. We are already working closely with Band Protocol to integrate and test additional price feeds for our upcoming xAssets (xGOLD, xSILV, xEUR, and xCNY) in phase two.

The Band Protocol oracle is currently being utilized in testnet, and will go live on Haven’s mainnet after the hard fork implementing the v0.16 upgrade. …

Haven Protocol

Ecosystem of private stable assets. Based on Monero. The world's first private stablecoin xUSD is now live.

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