Haven 2.0 — Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. The Desktop Vault needs to be connected to a Local or Remote Node. In order to check that you are connected, click on Settings and make sure that the button on the bottom right is displayed as Connected.
  3. If you see the text “Syncing Vault…%” displayed in the Portfolio Value section (top left), it means that your vault is still syncing and you need to wait for it to finish.
  4. Click on the 3 dots (top right) in your vault and select the Advanced tab. The Vault Connected should say Yes, and the Block Height should display the latest bock on the network.
  5. If the device goes to sleep or you navigate away (on mobile devices) during syncing, the sync will stop and you’ll have to start again.
  6. Some Antivirus (AV) apps can block connection from suspected malware on your device. Make sure the Haven app is not being blocked; you may have to add it to the trusted group of apps in your AV settings and firewall.
  1. Make sure your Vault is fully synced. See section above for help on this.
  2. Ensure that the transaction was successful and that there are more than 20 confirmations. Use the Haven Protocol explorer to verify the number of confirmations.
  3. Compare the Refresh Height found in the Advanced tab of your vault (click on the 3 dots in the top right), with the TX block using the TX hash in the block explorer linked above. If the Refresh Height is higher than the TX block height, it means that your vault cannot “see” the transaction. At this point, you’ll have to restore from Seed to a new vault by specifying a Block Height which predates the earliest TX for your current vault. Use this link to help you choose the correct block height when restoring the vault.
  4. It’s worth checking both the Web and Desktop Vault to see if there’s an issue with one or the other.
  1. Try sending smaller amounts.
  2. Make sure you leave enough funds for transaction fees.
  3. You can receive the error when you’ve been mining and have a large number of small mining payouts. You can solve this by using the CLI version of the app and issuing the following command: sweep_all <address>. The address should ideally be an address to a different vault. For more information please refer to this page:
  4. Changing remote nodes can sometimes resolve this error. If you’re using CLI, change between these nodes: remote.eu.havenprotocol.org:17750, remote.haven.miner.rocks:17750, and nodes.hashvault.pro:17750.



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