Haven 2.0: Public Testnet, Cypher Stack Analysis, Bug Bounty Program

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3 min readSep 28, 2021

Today we’re pleased to announce a number of significant milestones as we prepare for the launch of Haven Protocol 2.0.

Haven Protocol 2.0 Release Candidate in Public Testnet

Most importantly, the Haven Protocol 2.0 codebase is now available for public testing. The first release candidate was published today on GitHub.

This new and radically improved version of the code comprehensively addresses the attack vectors used during the June 2021 exploits. In addition to extensive enhancements, refactoring, and months of penetration testing by an experienced third party Monero expert, an additional level of validation has been designed and implemented to prove mint and burn values of Haven’s xUSD and xAssets.

The next step is for the team and community to test this release candidate in preparation for the Haven Protocol 2.0 fork. xAsset, xUSD and XHV conversions can be reinstated as soon as this improved version is live and the network is secure.

Public testnet details

The Haven Protocol 2.0 testnet is running on the Haven Main branch v2.0.0-rc1. You will find links to Command Line Interface (CLI) binaries below. Desktop and web vaults will follow shortly.

Please note: the Haven Protocol 2.0 testnet is currently at block 5356, running fork v17. At block 5,600 (in approximately nine hours) this will switch to hard fork v18 in order to replicate the upcoming mainnet fork. Until this point, xUSD and xAssets conversions are unavailable in the testnet environment. We encourage you all to help us with testing before and after block 5,600.

Mint and burn mathematics validated by Cypher Stack

To ensure the design of the new Haven Protocol 2.0 mint and burn validation is cryptographically sound, we engaged the support of Cypher Stack, world-renowned experts in Monero and cryptography.

Following months of research and analysis, Cypher Stack has published a cryptographic technical analysis of the approach we have taken to build Haven 2.0. You can read their analysis here.

This paper supports our mathematical approach to the new mint and burn validation and allows us to proceed with the public testnet. It also includes a number of optional recommendations that are likely to be applied in future upgrades.

We are hugely grateful for the support from the Cypher Stack team, who have done an incredible job in supporting the project.

$100,000 Bug Bounty Program

Historically, the Haven Protocol team has used bug bounties on an ad-hoc basis to reward developers that flag critical issues. Following the June 2021 exploits, the team quickly announced an increase in the size of these bounties to incentivize more support.

Building on these efforts further, today we are launching a formal Bug Bounty Program to make it easier than ever for skilled developers to support the project and earn xUSD. Bounty rewards of up to $100,000 will be awarded for identification of the most significant issues.

For complete details of the Bug Bounty Program, please head over to our new Bug Bounty website.

Get involved and support Haven Protocol!

If you can support the project with testing or code reviews, please do join the conversation in our Discord’s #community-testing channel.

We’d like to thank the community for their incredible support to get us to this point. We’re confident all the work over the last three months has produced a robust and secure solution to the June 2021 exploits. We look forward to testing it and deploying it to mainnet to re-enable xUSD and xAssets as soon as possible.



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