Haven Added to ZelCore Ecosystem

The Haven team is proud to announce we have been selected by Zel Technologies to be added to the ZelCore ecosystem. We are excited to partner with an innovative cryptocurrency project which also emphasizes privacy and security for its users.

What does this mean for Haven? A lot! Most importantly, this partnership means Haven will be added to the ZelCore multi-asset wallet. This advanced wallet will allow Haven users to access, store, transfer, and even trade XHV within a secure wallet. ZelCore is available for macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux users.

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Home screen in the ZelCore multi-asset wallet

The ZelCore wallet allows users to have multiple encrypted wallets and accounts on the same device and access the same account on multiple devices, all while maintaining complete privacy. ZelCore does not store or transmit any personal user data. ZelCore supports over 100 additional cryptocurrencies as a complete store and asset management system.

With the premium service ZelCore+, Haven users can trade XHV with their custodial wallets directly in ZelCore via API linking, utilizing full TradingView features. Users will then have the option for 1-click withdrawal to their ZelCore Haven address.

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Advanced trading features available to ZelCore+ users

The ZelCore team is also developing a fully decentralized exchange. Haven’s addition to the ZelCore ecosystem will allow XHV to be traded on this platform in the future.

As a new ZelCore asset, Haven will also be able to take advantage of the recently-launched ZelLabs project. ZelLabs provides the projects included in ZelCore with additional technical expertise, business development and education, and co-marketing opportunities.

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Finally, the Haven team will be able to utilize ZelNodes, which is a 3-tier decentralized network of incentivized compute power. Fully scalable, ZelNodes processes sidechains to create a high-TPS mesh to run DApps and smart contracts. For Haven, ZelNodes could provide additional resources for the Haven network, such as pricing Oracles which will be used for offshoring functions.

The Haven and ZelCore teams are finalizing integration work and plan to launch Haven live on ZelCore later this month. We look forward to partnering with Zel’s strong group of developers to ensure the continued growth of both ZelCore and Haven.

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