Haven Announces July 20th xUSD Launch Details

We’re excited to share additional details about the hard fork process that will be used to launch the world’s first private stablecoin, xUSD, on July 20th. Today we published the mainnet release code to enable xUSD functionality on Haven’s network.

Haven’s Apollo v1.0.0 is set to fork on July 20th at block height 640640, or roughly 15:00 GMT+1. Functionality for xUSD transactions will be enabled automatically 10 blocks later during a second fork at block height 640650.

This mechanism is being used to ensure that pricing records are already recorded in previous blocks for use when xUSD transactions go live. Pricing records will continue to be pulled from Chainlink’s oracle and displayed here.

This fork will automatically upgrade databases and is a one way operation. If your service is critical (such as a node or mining pool) please make a backup first before performing this upgrade. Additional details regarding installation and the fork process can be found in the Apollo release “Read Me” document.

Our team has completed several successful tests of this fork process on Haven’s stagenet. We are confident this release will enable a smooth transition to launch xUSD on Haven’s mainnet. Today’s updated code has also been shared with all exchanges supporting XHV.

Haven users don’t have to do anything to prepare for the fork. To use xUSD after the fork, you only need to download the mainnet CLI or desktop Vault, which will be the first wallets to support xUSD upon launch. We are completing testing of the desktop Vault and plan to release it in the coming days (well in advance of July 20th).

As always, please stop by Haven’s Discord or join the conversation on Twitter. The future of financial privacy begins July 20th!




Ecosystem of private stable assets. Based on Monero. The world's first private stablecoin xUSD is now live.

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Haven Protocol

Haven Protocol

Ecosystem of private stable assets. Based on Monero. The world's first private stablecoin xUSD is now live.

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