Haven Announces Updated Roadmap for Q2 2021

Today Haven announced an updated project roadmap for the second quarter of 2021.

THORChain Integration

The THORChain integration is now expected to be live in Q2 and will provide many benefits to both Haven and THORChain communities. It will improve liquidity for XHV and xUSD through the creation of liquidity pools as well as providing xUSD holders a yield in exchange for providing liquidity. It also allows direct access to other cryptocurrencies supported by THORChain without the need for a centralized exchange. Further, this integration will provide THORChain users with access to a range of private assets via the Haven network. Once other xAssets are live on mainnet, they could also be added to Thor as liquidity pools, further enhancing utility and value for both projects.

FIO Integration

We will be commencing integration of the FIO protocol into the Haven Vaults. This will greatly increase usability and improve UX/UI. It will allow the use of a simplified address naming system. For example: instead of the usual 98 character address you could use something like dweab@haven making the Vault easier to use for e-commerce, payments, and transfers. It also reduces the likelihood of man-in-the-middle attacks.

Travala Integration

Integration of Haven as a payment method on Travala will be completed in Q2. It will allow anyone to use XHV to pay for flights, hotels, and more with one of the leading crypto friendly travel companies. We will be looking to integrate xUSD in the future.

Haven Debit Card

Registrations are underway and we expect the card to launch in the USA this quarter. For further details see: https://havencard.io/

Additional xAssets

Following the launch of the first phase of xAssets live on mainnet — xEUR, xCNY, xAU (Gold), and xAG (Silver) — we will monitor the network and look to add further assets over the coming weeks and months.

Haven Foundation

The Haven Protocol Foundation has now been officially incorporated in the Cayman Islands. We will now move to build out the foundation by seeking interested parties to come onboard and help steer the project, carrying out the wishes of the rapidly growing Haven community. This is an ongoing process where everyone is welcome to get involved and put forward ideas to benefit and grow the project.

Embassy Node Launch

We have been working alongside Start9 Labs to assist with integration of a standalone device for running a Haven node. This is ongoing and is currently with them to upgrade their device to include an SSD before adding a Haven app to the Start9 App Store. The aim is to help get as many people running Haven nodes 24/7 to work towards decentralizing and securing the network.

Edge Wallet Integration

We have a new developer onboard to help out with the Edge Wallet integration for Haven. This is an important step in providing easier access to Haven and offering multiple storage options for XHV and xAsset holders/users.

Website upgrades

Enhanced landing pages and videos will be added to the website in order to educate new users and provide simple getting started guides for vaults, exchanges, and the protocol.

Hardware Vaults

Hardware wallets are viewed as the most secure interface to interact with cryptocurrencies. In light of this, the integration of XHV and xUSD into hardware wallets is a top priority for Haven’s development. The first platform used will be Ledger, if it enables all functionalities needed for Haven sufficiently. As this is an ongoing development process no deadline has been set for completion.

WooCommerce Integration

To further expand the utility of the Haven network, a WooCommerce plugin is being developed for deployment. This will provide online stores a simple way to integrate Haven payments into their site. All supported xAssets will be integrated allowing for global payments with a high degree of privacy for users and businesses. This is currently in testnet and is planned to go live later this year.

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