Haven Launching ‘Artemis’ v1.2.0 on December 8th

After successful testing of the new code, we are pleased to announce Haven’s mainnet will upgrade to Monero v0.16 by conducting a hard fork at block height 741,957 or approximately 14:30 GMT on December 8, 2020.

This date has been selected to give pool operators and exchanges two weeks to prepare for a smooth transition. This release will be known as Haven ‘Artemis’ v1.2.0. You can find the source code on GitHub here.

This exciting step for the Haven team and community moves the protocol forward on multiple fronts:

Artemis enables the new Haven Web Vault

Artemis enables a Desktop Vault upgrade

Artemis will enable future xAssets

Many thanks for those in the community who took the time to support the team with testing. Thank you all!

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