Haven November 2019 Update

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Login screen for the new Haven Vault

As Haven approaches its first major project milestone — launching the first private stablecoin (xUSD) on mainnet — we want to keep everyone updated regularly on the team’s progress.

The public offshore testnet is progressing well. Stage 2 is now ongoing with thousands of offshore (XHV to xUSD) and onshore (xUSD to XHV) transactions completed. The testnet now has more than 20,000 blocks mined and is open to anyone wishing to participate using a CLI wallet. Follow this guide to participate.

Over the last few weeks, several additional features have been added to the public offshore testnet including:

  • Offshore XHV to xUSD directly to 3rd party addresses
  • Transfer xUSD directly to 3rd party addresses
  • Updated variable Monero-based time locks for offshore transactions: xUSD transaction fees will increase based on the time selected (number of blocks) for unlocking each transaction

Each of these new features has been tested extensively by the Haven community. We have received invaluable feedback which has helped our developers in bug hunting and improving Haven’s system performance. Keep it coming!

November also marked the launch of our new website. It now includes complete updated documentation to learn more about Haven, an updated FAQ, and translations of Haven’s whitepaper in three languages.

We are also very excited that Haven’s new web wallet — Haven Vault — has launched on mainnet and is now available for anyone to use. Here is a short video of the Haven Vault in action. The Vault is built from the ground up using React and is designed specifically to allow all offshoring and decentralized finance functions to be integrated seamlessly in the future. The Vault’s architecture ensures the security of your seed or keys, as they are never submitted to a server or sent across the internet.

As the project progresses and more features are added, the codebase for Haven Vault will serve as the hub for the entire Haven network. It will allow our team to build native desktop and mobile wallets while keeping the same framework in place. To that end, work is almost complete on the first desktop wallets that will incorporate all offshore functions for additional testing before mainnet launch. More information will be announced on this topic very soon.

Haven’s community-led team continues to make critical progress toward our most important goal: releasing offshore functions and the world’s first private stablecoin (xUSD) to Haven’s mainnet. We have found that arbitrary deadlines for these goals do not help the team or our community. Our goal is to always deliver updates the right way based on successful realization of the tech to bring safe and useful tools to the public. That being said, given the significant progress made over the last two months, we are confident offshore functions and xUSD will be ready for use on Haven’s mainnet in January 2020.

The team is now also beginning to plan for Haven’s future goals, including Ledger integration, the addition of other private stable coins (xEUR and xBTC for example), and the creation of decentralized finance applications for xUSD (such as Haven Loans).

Finally, we were pleased this month to see Haven selected for listing on the Abra investment app, alongside other stablecoins such as DAI and Tether. It is exciting to see the growing interest in a private stablecoin option. We look forward to Haven being available for purchase by Abra users in the near future. The team continues to communicate with other exchanges to discuss Haven’s future listing options.

Haven has also become more active on social media platforms including Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Bitcointalk. Come and join the conversation and see what you and Haven can do for financial freedom.

The need for fully private and decentralized ways to store and transact your money has never been more clear. Haven will be an essential tool for those who want to control their own money, in private, independent ways, without third parties like banks, exchanges, corporations, and oppressive regimes.

Ecosystem of private stable assets. Based on Monero. The world's first private stablecoin xUSD is now live.

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