Haven Protocol Roadmap Update

We have decided to rework our roadmap, Pushing back Offshore Storage Mainnet release to Q1 2019.

Updated Roadmap:

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Despite the fact that we are excited to bring Offshore Storage into the world; we aren’t going to release a version we are not happy with. At this stage, we have a lot more security testing that we want to be able to carry out. Ideally with source code released to the public.

We have a lot of people trying to take advantage of Haven’s success and also target us for their own enjoyment/benefit. We are looking for outside developers with experience to provide a fresh perspective to help us with testing and ideally improvements with the Offshore Storage code. Finding developers we can trust is a priority for us, although difficult.

XUSD + Exchanges

We also want to extend the platforms and exchanges that support Haven in order to better decentralize data for the price oracle. We also are working through the application process for the addition of our XUSD Stable coin to exchanges which would be ideal to have available at mainnet launch.

Added Roadmap Items:

Before the release of Offshore Storage we want to have incorporated Bulletproofs/Hardware wallet support. Completing this major upgrade to our network is now our focus for the rest of Q4. In addition, because of some active hostilities towards us and our network, a Code Review was added to the Roadmap. A crucial addition but very difficult to execute.

Mining Centralization

We have designed the Offshore Storage price oracle to not be influenced by the wider network and thus will reject any attempted blocks with an incorrect price. However, we need to be as vigilant as possible as mining centralization on our network is a point of weakness and with Offshore Storage release the potential gains of a network breach could be extremely high and would completely devastate our network.

Miner.Rocks is a solid pool, and the person who runs it has proven to be trustworthy. But they have had 50–90% of the network hash and there are obvious concerns of having a mining pool with this much power.

We don’t want to release our mainnet with the mining centralization issue prevalent. We plan to consider extreme measures to penalize miners using the centralized pool and/or incentivize switching.

We look forward to your continued support as we work to bring you Offshore Storage!

— Haven Protocol Team

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