Haven Protocol Testnet Community Update

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Round 1 of Testing has been completed!

Nice video by vacs to show the Offshore process

Our community was instructed to test the following functionallity:

  • Send XHV
  • Receive XHV
  • Send XHVD
  • Receive XHVD
  • Offshore XHV -> XHVD
  • Onshore XHVD -> XHV
  • Send Offshore XHV -> XHVD (to another address)
  • Send Onshore XHVD -> XHV (to another address)

Also, they gave feedback on the process itself. A very positive result, although can always be improved. Very exciting to be able to see the offshore storage process working.

We did discover some visual bugs during testing which we are working on fixing for testing round 2. We have been heavily working on the actual functions rather than the wallet.

Wallet Design

As Donjor and Havendev are both programmers first, having a designers eye is extremely important when creating UIs.

We have had more awesome responses from the community regarding the design which we are incorporating as much as we can into our future wallet.

Testnet Round 2:

We are going to have a public block explorer during the next testing phase so the entire community will be able to see the functioning chain at work.

What are we testing:

  • Confusing fee and returned change values in transaction history.
  • Wallet transaction history visual bug (balances correct).
  • Delay when entering values in offshore fields.
  • No unmixable outputs to sweep error (due to new offshore transactions).

We also want to test out the block explorer and our UI changes. Once again, this will be a closed release with ~ 20 extra community members added.

Round 2 Release date:

Haven Protocol Community Alpha:

After we are confident with the results of Round 2, we want to release a version for our wider community to interact with as soon as possible. This will be able to be downloaded by everyone!

Our aim for this release is October.

Testnet Future Goals/Tests

  • Local node users daemon and gpu mining
  • Offshore Storage Game theory testing.
  • Local Haven Oracle node testing.

Glitch in the matrix?

iOS Update

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