Update on Haven’s Integration with THORChain

Haven’s developers continue to make steady progress on the THORChain integration. The bulk of the work right now is on Haven’s Bifröst chain client, which is nearing completion.

Last week we shared logs from a working swap, sending XHV to another chain:

In today’s update, seen in Github, Haven vaults can now receive an exchange from another chain. This completes the core part of the integration. See the following screengrab for test log data:

The only outstanding development now on Haven’s Bifröst chain is the integration of Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) signing. Once tested and complete, we’ll be able to submit this code to THORChain for review and release. At this point, it will be possible to send any of Haven’s assets — including XHV, xUSD, or any xAsset — to THORChain.

In parallel, we are building an ASGARDEX integration. We expect this to be complete around the same time as the Bifröst chain client, which is required to make Haven usable within the ASGARDEX wallet.

It’s time to start spreading the message about this one-of-a-kind integration! The crypto community should know and understand what is happening here — the first default private cryptocurrency will soon be integrated with one of crypto’s most innovative decentralized exchanges.

Haven’s XHV and xUSD will bring privacy and stability to THORChain, while THORChain will provide decentralized liquidity and demand for Haven’s private assets.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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