New xAssets on Mainnet

This month saw the launch of the next phase of xAssets to Haven’s mainnet. This was another very important step forward to increasing network utility. The addition of multiple fiat currencies increases global awareness and allows users and businesses to integrate the Haven WooCommerce Plugin (now live) and accept multiple currencies.

In addition, the first crypto pegged asset, xBTC, has been added giving anyone in the world the ability to have exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements from their own private Haven Vault with no counter-party risk or conversion slippage.

In addition to XHV, xUSD, xCNY, xEUR, xAU (Gold), xAG (Silver)…


Bitcoin’s volatility and price crash during April and May 2021 provided Haven’s team and community the first opportunity to analyze how Haven performed during a significant market correction.

The lessons learned for our team? Protocol performance has been nearly flawless, circulating supply of XHV is fluctuating as expected, and the tools put in place to prevent extreme supply swings are working.

As you may know from Haven’s white paper, the circulating supply of XHV is now dynamic, fluctuating based on the minting and burning of xUSD during different market cycles:

“XHV is a pure Proof-of-Work (PoW) coin with the…

Haven’s developers continue to make steady progress on the THORChain integration. The bulk of the work right now is on Haven’s Bifröst chain client, which is nearing completion.

Last week we shared logs from a working swap, sending XHV to another chain:

New private assets

As part of our ongoing mission to increase usage and utility of Haven’s ecosystem today we are announcing the launch of 4 new private currencies:

  • xAUD — Australian Dollar
  • xCHF — Swiss Franc
  • xGBP — British Pound
  • xJPY — Japanese Yen

These new private currencies offer several key benefits. They appeal to users looking for stablecoins pegged to their native currency, which is incredibly useful when transacting via eCommerce gateways or direct transfers. They will also open up a broader range of options for those looking to store value.

xBTC is now live!

Following years of discussion…

The aim of Haven Protocol was always clear. Solve an ‘unsolvable’ problem, build the product, gain mass adoption — and then set it free. Now that a range of xAssets are live, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on the path ahead and give our community further details about our long term priorities.

Haven’s journey consists of three phases:


What was once thought to be impossible has just been launched onto Haven’s mainnet. After many months of coding and testing, the first true CryptoNote-based coloured coin implementation has gone live.

This marks another major milestone for the project and puts Haven in a very strong position to become the go-to protocol for anyone wanting to take control of their finances and be able to privately store and transact in multiple currencies.

There is much more going on behind the scenes as we dive into this month’s project update!

xAsset Mainnet launch

We have now successfully launched xAssets to Haven’s mainnet. This marks…

Today Haven announced an updated project roadmap for the second quarter of 2021.

THORChain Integration

The THORChain integration is now expected to be live in Q2 and will provide many benefits to both Haven and THORChain communities. It will improve liquidity for XHV and xUSD through the creation of liquidity pools as well as providing xUSD holders a yield in exchange for providing liquidity. It also allows direct access to other cryptocurrencies supported by THORChain without the need for a centralized exchange. Further, this integration will provide THORChain users with access to a range of private assets via the Haven…

Gold, Silver, Euros, and Yuan are now available on Haven!

We are proud to announce that today’s xAsset hard fork is complete and working well!

About xAssets

As a reminder, the new assets (referred to as xAssets) launched today are private, synthetic representations of real-world assets, traditional currencies, and other financial instruments. When used within the Haven Vault, xAssets will always maintain their intended value due to Haven’s “mint and burn” protocol and the use of decentralized pricing oracles.

Below are some key details about today’s launch:

  • These new xAssets can be minted in your Haven Vault via xUSD.
  • For this release, we are once again utilizing trusted, decentralized pricing…

When the early internet was blossoming, a group of courageous and bold thinkers saw a future of interconnected people and possibilities. But they also saw a totalitarian threat was looming. They recognized the digital age could either bring freedom for the people or ultimate power for the establishment. These Cypherpunks began a movement which has brought you all here today, has provided hope to millions, and gives us a chance to wrestle back control from a sclerotic establishment that will do everything it can to keep us under control.

Haven Protocol is a Cypherpunk manifestation that builds upon the Bitcoin…

Haven — the world’s first ecosystem of private stable assets — is now trading live on Polarity Exchange!

The XHV/USD trading pair can be found here.

Polarity is the first decentralized exchange to support Haven. Polarity offers exceptional wallet security, low fees and no KYC. Trading fees are flat and fixed at $0.01, and the exchange offers consistent liquidity, 2FA multisig, personal seed management and encryption, and more.

For more information, check out our announcement about the Polarity listing here.

Rewards Promotion

To celebrate the listing, Polarity will offer a small XHV reward to the first 500 users who make…

Haven Protocol

Ecosystem of private stable assets. Based on Monero. The world's first private stablecoin xUSD is now live.

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